DIY Stump Side Table

Diy Stump Side Table

Do you know that you can turn a tree stump into a stylish side table, a stool, a coffee table or a display for some of your favorite stuff? In stores these things will cost you over $1000 so it’s really nice idea to make one for less than $20. That’s how much a tree stump from a local wood shop and finishes would cost you. Although the project could become even cheaper if you can find a tree stump in a near forest.


  • Buy or find a tree stump.
  • Smooth it with sandpaper.
  • Apply a sand sealer to give your tree table a smooth and beautiful finish.
  • Polish the stump with sealant to maintain the original and natural look.

You can also cover your new side table with paint that will much your interior. Enjoy!

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Diy Stump Side Table