DIY Stuffed Bunnies For Easter Decor

Diy Stuffed Bunnies For Easter Decor

We’ve just told you about Easter bunny-inspired crafts and here’s one of them – stuffed bunnies. You’ll need canvas cloth, a paper template, embroidery floss, a sewing machine and some more tools. Draw your template and cut it out, out it on the canvas and cut out two bunny shapes.  Stitch the eyes with black embroidery floss and pink for the nose. Sew each side of the bunny two times using a sewing machine, don’t forget to leave a space for stuffing. Take poly-fill and stuff your bunny, add a little ribbon bow or fabric bow tie to distinguish between a boy and a girl. If you want a more detailed instruction – just look here. Put them into a basket and Happy Easter!

Source: livelaughrowe