DIY Rustic Log Shelves

Diy Rustic Log Shelves

Rustic log shelves are one those practical wall decorations that would look great as in vintage as in modern interiors. They are perfect to display some of your small things or hold books. The cool thing is, that they aren’t hard to make by yourself if you have a piece of wood log. Kate has showed the making process for DS readers.


  • Log (any length, about 6″ circumference)
  • Saw
  • “L” shaped brackets


  • Cut off both edges of the log.
  • Slice the log into 1 – 2″ thick slabs.
  • Slice the side which would become the back of the shelf.
  • Screw brackets to your wall and to the bottom of the shelf and you’re done.

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Diy Rustic Log Shelves
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Diy Rustic Log Shelves
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Diy Rustic Log Shelves
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Diy Rustic Log Shelves