DIY Ribbon Floating Wall Rack

Diy Ribbon Wall Rack

Those of you who are into crafts probably have a lot of different ribbons at your home. It’s a good idea to organize them well. Here is a cute and inexpensive ribbon rack that you can hang anywhere you want.

Materials and tools

  • Two wood knobs
  • Two wood dowel caps
  • One long wood dowel
  • Two brass cup hooks
  • Two flat head nails
  • Acrylic paints
  • Hammer, pliers and tape measure
  • Sand paper


  • Sand all your wood materials, then paint them with several coats of your chosen paint.
  • After everything is dry screw in a cup hook at the center of each knob.
  • Hammer flat-head nails into opening of each knob.
  • Hammer each knob to the wall, insert the spools on the dowel and close off the ends with your dowel caps.
  • Hang up your rack and enjoy!
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Diy Ribbon Wall Rack
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Diy Ribbon Wall Rack
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Diy Ribbon Wall Rack
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Diy Ribbon Wall Rack
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