DIY Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

Diy Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

We all are impressed by fire pits that we can find in stores. Although they are usually quite expensive. In case you one of those people who likes such fire pits but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one of them, you should make one by yourself. Here is a tutorial done by Karen of Art of Doing Stuff.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Marine silicone
  • Cheap glass frames
  • Small rocks
  • Any kind of metal mesh
  • Gel fuel
  • Metal planter with a lip (edge) on it

The process is relatively simple. You need to make a glass box by gluing glass frames with silicone and place it on top of the metal planter. Afterwards you need to place an open can of gel fuel inside the planter, cover it with a cut metal mesh and rocks. That’s all.

In case you need some details, you’re welcome on the Karen’s website. There are photos of the process step by step.

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Diy Portable Outdoor Fire Pit
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Diy Portable Outdoor Fire Pit