DIY Mini-Greenhouse from Picture Frames

Diy Mini Greenhouse

If you’re a fan of orchids, ferns and other tropical plants but don’t live there you definitely need a greenhouse for them. It’s a good idea to make one as an interior decoration in order to show your plants to everybody. This mini-greenhouse can easily become a great Victorian-style indoor decoration and provide your plants with a comfortable oasis to live in. It’s made from usual picture frames by folks from Country Living magazine.


  • 8 picture frames (four 5″ x 7″, two 8″ x 10″, and two 11″ x 14″)
  • A piece of ½”-thick plywood
  • Wood filler
  • White paint
  • Dark furniture polish
  • Hot glue
  • Sand paper
  • Drill and screws

For instructions and detailed photos visit Country Living’s website.

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Diy Mini Greenhouse
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Diy Mini Greenhouse
Source: countryliving