DIY Cozy French Memory Board

Diy French Memory Board

If you have a home office than you can make it more cozy with a French memory board. Such board is a great way to decorate this area and besides it’s quite functional. Rather than buying one you can make one by yourself. A simple burlap fabric and embellished it with bright orange ribbon for a pop of color looks really great together.

Materials and Tools:

  • Fabric
  • Canvas
  • Ribbon
  • Staple gun
  • Tacks (or buttons for embellishment)

The process of making is quite simple. You need to cut your fabric slightly bigger than the canvas and staple it to its back. Then you need to cut ribbons and also staple them to the back. The areas where the ribbons intersect should be held together firmly. Buttons is one of the best ways to achieve that.

That’s all. Now you can fill the board with pictures, art and other things you like. Enjoy!

p.s. For more detailed instructions and photos of the process visit The Charlotte’s blog.

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Diy French Memory Board
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Diy French Memory Board
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Diy French Memory Board