DIY Christmas Tree Made Of Pine Cones

Diy Pine Cones Christmas Tree

Pine cones are ideal to make a fake Christmas tree. They are connected with real Christmas trees and are natural. Here is a small tutorial of how to make such tree.


  • Plywood piece
  • Neon or Christmas lights
  • Small furniture legs
  • Green and silver spray paints
  • Glue


  • Cut a 70cm circle from plywood.
  • Cut a 30cm hole in the middle of it to establish neon lights later.
  • Fasten furniture legs to the bottom of the circle.
  • Glue pine cones around the perimeter of the circle. Each next row should be displaced to the center to get a cone-like shape of the tree. Put Christmas lights between the cones.
  • Paint the entire tree in green. Paint tips of cones in silver.
  • The tree is done. When the backlight is lit from within it looks like it soar above the surface.

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Diy Pine Cones Christmas Tree
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