DIY Bubble Gum Machines For A Kids Party

Diy Bubble Gum Machines For A Kids Party

Bubble gum machines are perfect things to put on a table for a kids party. You can put a bunch of them with different gumballs and your kids and their friends would be happy. To make one such machine you’ll need a terra cotta pot, a wooden ball, a wooden doll pin stand, a tube of E600 glue or hot glue, a round bubble bowl and a can of bright spray paint.


The first thing you need to do is to paint your pot, base, wooden ball and doll pin. When they are dry place the painted pot upside down and attach the round bubble bowl to it using glue. Next, turn the terra cotta saucer base upside down and glue the round wooden head bead to the center top. Attach the wooden doll pin stand to the front of the terra cotta pot and place the saucer on top of the bubble bowl. Enjoy your work!

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Diy Bubble Gum Machines For A Kids Party
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