DIY Bird Feeder From A Recycled Bottle

Diy Bird Feed From Recycled Bottle

There are many stylish handmade bird feeders on the market nowadays. If you don’t want to spend money on such thing than you can make one by yourself. Some wood, a hook, some wire, a plastic bottle and a glass bottle with a screw cap are things you need for that. You’ll get something you can hang anywhere in your backyard that will refill automatically when birds feast on it.

Cut two pieces of wood and fix them together using screws or dowels at a right angle. The opening of the bottle should be about 3-4 cm above the base of this construction so mark places where you’ll attach wire to hold it. Pierce holes in the board, thread the wire through and staple it on the back. Place a cut-off from a plastic bottle under the bottle opening. Screw the hook into the board to hang your bird feeder. Next fill the bottle with a seed mix for wild birds and you’re ready to hang it in your backyard.

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Diy Bird Feed From Recycled Bottle
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