Cute DIY Succulent Book Planters

Cute Diy Succulent Book Planters

These cute vintage-looking succulent planters are awesome decorations for any party but can also be used in everyday life. The only thing is that you should be ready to make some books unreadable.

Here are things that you’ll need for the project: several vintage books, succulents, succulent planting soil, moss, fabric flowers, an exacto knife, Mod Podge, cling wrap.


Draw a rectangle of size you want your planter to be to use as the cutting guide. Cut out a 1-2 inch deep space using an exacto knife. Seal this space with the Mod Podge. Place a layer of cling wrap in this space and put a layer of planting soil on it. Plant your succulents and place moss and fabric flowers there. Repeat the process to get several process and you’re done.

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Cute Diy Succulent Book Planters
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Cute Diy Succulent Book Planters
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