Colorful DIY Easter Peeps Soaps


Easter is late again this year, but that gives you plenty of time to make these darling homemade Easter inspired Peeps shaped soaps! So, prepare 2.65 oz. natural (detergent free) white melt and pour glycerin soap base, 1 ml fragrance oil, 2-3 drops liquid melt and pour soap colorant, for the eyes: 0.25 oz. natural (detergent free) clear melt & pour glycerin soap base, 1-2 drops black melt & pour soap colorant. Even last minute these cute, pastel colored and scented Peeps soaps can be made in a very short amount of time on a free afternoon. They would be a perfect Easter gift, read in the source how to make them and Happy Easter!

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Colorful Diy Easter Peeps Soaps
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Source: soapdelinews