Cheap DIY Valentines Day Wreath

Cheap Diy Valentines Day Wreath

If you want to spice up you home for Valentine’s Day but don’t want to spend money on that, a small DIY project is what you need. You can make a yarn wreath with felt flowers and hung it as on the fornt door as on some window. Total cost of such project will be about $5.

You need to wrap a straw wreath with white yarn. That takes really a long time but the result is quite rewarding. Use 3 colors of felt (pink, magenta and red) to make the flowers. You can cut wavy spirals then curl them up and hot glue them shut. You can as hot glue them onto the wreath as use sewing pins to save the base for another holiday. The wreath is done. You can hang it anywhere you like with some cute ribbon.