Black and White Stackable Fruit Bowls

Stackable Fruit Bowls

Eclipse is a set of two steel fruit bowls in black and white colors. They could be slotted together horizontally or stacked vertically in a number of ways to vary their look and storage capacity. Of course, the bowls can also be used separately.

If you slot them into each other horizontally you’ll get a striped pattern inside the bowl. Half of the outside of the bowl appears black and half appears white. The overlap has the appearance of two people shaking hands. If you stack the bowls vertically you can get several different patterns.

The bowls’ set can easily become an iconic centrepiece that can attract people’s attention at the dining table. At the same time, it presents fruits beautifully, and is adaptable to various amounts of fruit by being used as a single interlocked bowl or two bowls.

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Stackable Fruit Bowls
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