Amazing DIY Tree-Like Arc Floor Lamp

Amazing Diy Tree Like Floor Lamp

Here is an awesome idea for your next DIY project. You probably have seen all these modern arc floor lamps that have arc-shaped poles to holding lamps. They usually have beams of light directed downward. The best way to use them is to illuminate coffee or dining tables without putting the base close to these tables.

These arc floor lamps are usually quite pricey. Although you can make similar lamp by yourself and it definitely won’t cost you much. You only need to find quite long and thin tree branch. Place this branch into something heavy to support it. On the other side you hang lamps and wrap the cord around the branch itself.

Even though the process is very easy – it’s quite hard to find the right branch. Although the result is pretty amazing. Just check out these pictures…

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Amazing Diy Tree Like Floor Lamp