5 Sweater Candle Holders For Cozy Christmas

Sweater Candle

Candles are always associated with coziness and are perfect companions for Christmas. To make them even more cozy you can use sweater-like candle holders. Of course you can buy pre-made one or can make such holder by yourself. That’s simple and the result will definitely cute one. All you need is a candle in a glass, a piece of an old sweater, needle and thread.

To make the cozy candle holder measure the material around the glass, fold down the sides, cut off any excess material and sew it together in the back. That’s all. The pillar of warmth is ready to radiate throughout your room. It can become a nice gift too.

  1. DIY Sweater Candle Holder via Sweet Paul
  2. Recycled Sweater Candle Holders via Daily Danny
  3. Butterfly Sweater Candle Holder via Etsy
  4. Large Cableknit Candle via anthropologie
  5. Annette Bugansky Cup via YoYo Ceramics

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Sweater Candle
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Sweater Candle
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