5 Non-Standard Pinecone Crafts

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

When it comes to winter decorations, pine cones are great material to make them. Although they can also be used for other crafts projects. For example, you can spread them with peanut butter and bird seed to make a bird feeder. You can also make fire starts of them that will make your whole home smell amazing and cozy. Anyway, here are 5 pinecone crafts projects that are anything but standard.

  1. DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder from bebehblog
  2. DIY Pinecone Fire Starter from D*S
  3. Pine Cone Chandelier from BHG
  4. Pine Cone Flowers from Pinterest
  5. Pinecone Party Favors from beautiful-bridal
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Diy Pinecone Fire Starter
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Pine Cone Chandelier
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Pine Cone Flowers
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Pinecone Party Favors