5 Modern And Stylish Waste Bins For Your Home

Waste Bin By Grace Youngeun Lee

Waste bins could be found in any home. Although not all of them are pretty enough. Here are 5 we think are the best ones to match your stylish and modern interior decor. Some of them are so pretty that you can even use them to organize some things.

  1. Waste Bin By Grace Youngeun Lee allows you to step on the pedal to open the bin towards you without moving the cover. This natural motion is emphasized through a graphic division of color and material.
  2. Tubelor Homme Waste Bin By Ideaco are beautifully colored trendy trashcans. Just place trashbags in the inner wastebascket and then cover it with the colorful tube on top, you will never have to worry about the appearance of ugly trashbags again.
  3. Wastebins By Evasolo are made of stainless steelin three sizes with an ingenious lid system – the rubber lid fits onto the top of the bin in such a way that it can be ‘flipped’ open from any any side and it will stay open. The bin liner holder fits in the bin in such an intuitive manner that no one will have any trouble figuring it out – and it work together with the lid to create a seal keeping odor in the bin where it belongs.
  4. Trash Cans By Vipp are electroplated steel bins, lined with rubber, that gives your waste a gorgeous temporary home.
  5. Paper Baskets By Hey Sign are available in three sizes and 38 colors. They are covered with felt and even can be used for someting other than a wastebasket.
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Tubelor Homme Waste Bin By Ideaco
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Wastebin By Evasolo
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Trash Cans By Vipp
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Paper Basket By Hey Sign