46 Great Thanksgiving Mantel Decorating Ideas

great thanksgiving mantel decorating ideas cover

Decorating your mantel for Thanksgiving isn’t as hard as it sounds. It’s pretty much the same as decorating it for fall but few additions are more than welcome. Let’s take a look how to pull it off with style.

Colors And Styles

Choose a color scheme and a style for your mantel to avoid tasteless looks. The most popualr styles are rustic, farmhouse, modern, vintage and minimalist but of course you may choose what attracts you. As for colors, neutrals are totally on top but you may rock bright shades, dark and moody tones or jewel tones to give your mantel and super bold fall look.

a beautiful rustic mantel with dried leaves and cotton, white and vine pumpkins, boards and a modern sign


a beautiful rustic Thanksgiving mantel with faux pumpkins, pinecones, berries, faux leaves and greenery, candles and a large sign


a beautiful Thanksgiving mantel with a lush faux leaf, pumpkins, gourds and lights garland and a wreath, pumpkins, wheat and candles


a bright fall or Thanksgiving mantel with colorful felt garlands, bright and metallic pumpkins, felt leaves and a sign


a bright rustic mantel with a wooden bead garland, bright faux leaves, pumpkins, a refined plate and artwork, bright leaves in vases


a colorful Thanksgiving mantel with bright stacked pumpkins, a pompom garland, bright faux leaves, bright faux pumpkins and gourds


a cool Thanksgiving mantel with faux pumpkins, leaves and wooden pumpkins, firewood, crochet pumpkins and candles


a cozy Thanksgiving mantel with lush greenery and blooms, faux pumpkins, an oversized sign and cotton and leaves in a basket


a fall leaf and pumpkins wreath and garland, candles and lanterns plus a rustic sign


a farmhouse mantel with greenery, candles in wooden candleholders, faux pumpkins, a wood slice wreath with pumpkins and pumpkins by the fireplace


a fresh natural mantel with eucalyptus and heirloom pumpkins for a beautiful Thanksgiving mantel


a gorgeous thanksgiving mantel with lots of fabric pumpkins with fabric leaves and a fabric pumpkin display next to the fireplace


a modern Thanksgiving mantel with large pumpkinsm leaves, candles and lights is a very chic idea


a natural Thanksgiving mantel with fresh cascading greenery, white pumpkins and a white bread bowl


a neutral rustic mantel with greenery and white pumpkins, a vine wreath with leaves and candles in the fireplace


a rustic fall or Thanksgiving mantel with cotton, fabric pumpkins, herbs and a sign in a frame


a rustic mantel with fall leaves, moss balls, pumpkins and fruits on the branches is suitable for both fall and Thanksgiving


a rustic mantel with faux leaves and pumpkins, a vine wreath with leaves and candles with leaves for Thanksgiving



Pumpkins, greenery, blooms, gourds, wheat, pinecones, acorns, leaves are traditional fall decor elements, you may choose them faux or natural. Lights and candles in candleholders or candle lanterns will highlight your decor. Artworks and signs are also welcome and you may substitute them with some family photos, too, “Thanks” letters, and some other things would be great additions to gives of nature, candles, and other things you already have on your mantel. You may use moss balls, potted plants, mirrors, wreaths and much other stuff – anything rustic and fall-like that comes to your mind. Hang some garlands, banners and buntings that you can easily DIY or add some pretty figurines – it’s perfect for a vintage mantel. Here are some ideas inspired by real homes of real people. Enjoy!

a rustic Thanksgiving mantel with a faux pumpkin, faux berries and leaves, wheat and bright signs


a rustic Thanksgiving mantel with various pumpkins, pinecones, greenery in bottles and leaves


a rustic Thanksgiving mantel with white pumpkins on a stand, a white flower and pumpkin wreath, grey candles, feathers and a wheat bundle


a simple rustic mantel with an arrangement of orange pumpkins and a wheat wreath on the mirror


a simple Thanksgiving mantel with white and colorful pumpkins, branches with leaves and banners is a cool idea


a stylish Thanksgiving mantel with white pumpkins, a cotton wreath and candles on a stand in the fireplace


a stylish vintage inspired mantel with bright leaves and stacked pumpkins plus a gold frame mirror


a Thanksgiving mantel with velvet pumpkins, a basket, dried leaves and berries and a burlap banner


an easy and bright Thanksgiving mantel with bright cubes, colorful candles in candleholders, faux pumpkins and fall leaves


an elegant fall mantel with candles in candleholders, faux pumpkins and green leaves in a chic vase


an elegant Thanksgiving mantel with purple velvet pumpkins, gold candle lanterns and wire leaves and a sign with a wreath


bright pumpkins and pale greenery, a wheat wreath and pale greenery in a vase next to the fireplace


minimalist but very natural Thanksgiving mantel decor with natural leaves in frames, green leaves in a bottle with a woven cover


a vintage inspired Thanksgiving mantel with wooden, mercury glass and plastic pumpkins, fall leaves and candles


a Thanksgiving mantel with a wooden board, a basket with hydrangeas and spoons, pinecones, fall leaves and a turkey figurine


bottles with wheat, a turkey and a vintage artwork with a vine and faux leaf wreath


natural pumpkins, leaves and candles are always a good idea for Thanskgiving and fall and it's rustic and cozy


vine with bright leaves, candles, moss balls, wheat bundles, pumpkins on stands, a sign and corn husks


a decorative plate, a candle, a wooden box with faux veggies and fruit, a lantern, a faux leaf wreath and wooden pumpkins


a leaf garland, white pumpkins on stands, a family pic and a fall leaf wreath over the mantel


bright candles, wheat bundles, faux pumpkins, cubes and a lush faux leaf wreath with hanging


candles, faux pumpkins and gourds, bright fall leaves, feathers and faux leaves in a vase for a Thanksgiving mantel


wooden bead garlands, lush faux leaves, feathers, flowers and pumpkins and faux pumpkins in jars with lids for Thanksgiving


neutral candles in candleholders and bright fall leaves on branches for decorating your mantel for Thanksgiving in modern style


white and green pumpkins, dried herbs, leaves, candles for simple Thanksgiving mantel decor


white, green and yellow pumpkins and a grene hydrangea wreath over the mantel are stylish Thanksgiving decor


natural pumpkins with tags, pinecones and greenery for stylish rustic Thanksgiving decor


hay, wooden candleholders with candles, colorful letters and a cool artwork for stylish rustic Thanksgiving decor