3 DIY Bio Ethanol Fireplaces That You Can Make Yourself

portable bio ethanol fire pit

portable bio ethanol fire pit (via designsponge)

It’s fall and it’s rather cold outside, it’s high time to take a blanket, a big cup of tea and a book (or a tablet) and sit next to the fire. If you don’t have a fire bowl or a fireplace at home, just make one! We’ve already told you of fire pits and bowls, and today we’ll discuss green variants like a bio ethanol fireplace that you can make yourself at home. It looks very modern and you don’t need any wood to warm up the space – just some gel or other fuel you prefer. If you don’t like that futuristic look, just take usual or faux logs and put them in front of the fire – that way it’ll look more natural. Read the tutorials below to find out how to realize such a project.

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ethanol ventless fireplace (via wikihow)

ethanol ventless fireplace (via wikihow)