3 Creative DIY Toothbrush Holders To Save Bathroom Space

Toothbrush Organizer In Cabinet

Toothbrush Organizer In a Cabinet

Today I found out that the website of Family Handyman magazine is a source of interesting DIY ideas. For example here are some space saving solutions to hold your toothbrushes.

The first one is a toothbrush organizer hidden in the cabinet shelf. That’s a very cool solution if you keep your toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet. They won’t fall out if they will be fixed this way.

Magnetic toothbrush holder is a stylish way to organize your toothbrushes right above the sink. It’s made of magnets and a Corian mounting strip.

Electric toothbrush holder can be made of large grip-type clips. You can mount them on your medicine cabinet or on a piece of wood that you can hang on the wall.

Check out how to make all these holders on Family Handyman.

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Toothbrush Magnetic Holder

Toothbrush Magnetic Holder

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Quick Grip Electronic Toothbrush Holder

Quick Grip Electronic Toothbrush Holder