Vintage DIY Arrow Marquee Lights

Vintage marquee lights became quite popular nowadays because it’s a cool piece for interior decoration and highlighting something. The supplies are a strand of globe lights, plywood, a 6-inch wide aluminum flashing, a jigsaw, a drill, tin snips, screws, a wire stripper, electrical tape, a screw cap and protective gloves. Draw the arrow shape on the plywood. Make sure the dimensions are right and then cut the shape out with the jigsaw. Then screw in a piece of plywood across the back of the arrow. Drill holes where you want your bulbs. Unscrew the bulbs from the strand of lights and to push the sockets through the holes from the backside. Then, after you have measured the exterior of the arrow, cut a piece of flashing long enough to fit around the outside. Screw it in place and then screw the light bulbs in. Hang your cute decoration on the wall and enjoy the view!

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