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Unusual Fence Of Recycled Glass Bottles

Getting ready for spring and coming summer? Let’s make a funky fence of recycled materials that would make your yard peculiar. All you need to do is to take recycled glass bottles of different colors and put them on steel poles, you could easily do that yourself. I really like the harmonious choice of blue and green glass and the graceful curves of the bottles when they’re stacked together. Take all your wine and beer bottles and make a creative garden gate or fence, the sun would play on the colorful glass and your green recycled fence would be a hit!

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  1. Jesse Says:

    What do you recomend for drilling a hole in the bottom? Great idea!

  2. Mike Says:

    Heh. To use a drill with a diamond drill bit for glass or tiles.

  3. Locksmith Says:

    This is really cute and very creative! I love to try this in our fence.

  4. Taxidermy Schools Says:

    I didn’t know that you can use bottles in making a fence. You have a very brilliant idea.

  5. Cheburashka Says:

    How you drill the holes if you do not have a diamond drill bit?

  6. erik Says:

    go to the shop and buy one :-)

  7. erik Says:

    go to the diamond drill bit shop and buy one :-)

  8. Curtis Scott Says:

    If you do not have a diamond tipped bit DO NOT Try using a bit made for metal, wood or concrete. The proper bit is required injury is sure to result with out the proper tools.

  9. Deirdre L Says:

    Um, pretty, but don’t they clank around all the time? What does one do to keep the ends from clanking together and to keep them from clanking against the poles they are threaded through?

  10. Krikit Says:

    In some areas if the glass “fencing” it appears there are “round/ball spacers” of some kind. Anyone know or can intelligently guess what they might be??? Curious.

  11. Deanne Says:

    This is the website I bought my glass drill bits from. You really need one of the hole saws. http://www.wgsonline.com/glazing/togb.html?gclid=CMWm84fX9bcCFanm7Aod0V4Aiw If you are using rebar for the threads, you need to get a drill bit slightly larger than the rebar which is usually 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch. I used a rubber grommet inside the hole and mouth of the bottles, and I think this person used painted wooden beads, which you can purchase at Michael’s Crafts.

  12. Lynn Says:

    What the easiest, least time consuming way to get labels off cleanly?

  13. Lori Says:

    This is the first up-cycle with bottles I have liked. Do you have a problem with water collecting in any of them after a rain? I would love to do something similar but don’t want standing water to be a problem.

  14. Melissa Says:

    Cheap hand sanitizer gets labels off and permanent marker ink off painted surfaces, like walls

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