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Toilet That Plays Relaxing Music

Regio by INAX

Even toilets become more and more advanced. We all heard about ones that have heated seats, automatic lids and automatic flush systems. Now they can even play music and deodorize. Regio by INAX is such fully automatic toilet with Plasmacluster Ion technology that cleans the air by preventing the propagation of “mold” which is the source of the odor, and then increases the ratio of the negative ion to adjust the ion balance to a more natural level. It has built-in speaker so the toilet can plays pleasant and relaxing music. When you listen to soothing music, your brain will be filled with alpha waves. It relaxes your mind and body. You are able to select the type of music, such as classical music or relaxation sounds, depending on your mood. You can play your favorite music using an SD card. Besides, the toilet features lights which illuminate the inside and outside of the toilet bowl when the sensor detects your presence. They illuminate the toilet in the dark at night. Do you wish your bathroom was equipped with such hi-tech toilet?

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