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Thoughtful Room Design That Combines Four Rooms In One

Here is a smart living room design that made this room serves as a home office and a lounge area too. That was achieved thanks to thoughtful custom-made furniture. Two high and deep cupboards were installed on some distance from each other and connected by a a shelf suitable for placing books, papers and other work related things. A desk was pulled inside the gap between these cupboards. The desk is equipped with wheels so it can be moved closer to the center of the room to form a lounge/dining area. That room is even more functional than a smart home office that transforms into a living room, right?


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  1. Dayner Says:

    So gorgeous, I love those colours together!

    You’ve got a great site here :-)

  2. Sherry Says:

    We need something similar to this in our new rental. Without attaching anything to wall with more than can be removed on move out, could this be done just by sitting the desk platform on 2 cupboards? Any suggestions?

  3. Mike Says:

    That would be more than enough. Although I’d recommend to not just put the platform on the cupboards but also screw it to them.

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