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The Best Crafts Room Organization Ever

I thought there can’t be as well organized crafts room as I showed you last week. Although I was wrong. Christie Hund from Creations By Christie has made her crafts room so great and organized that I guess everybody will be jealous when they see it. At least I am.

The room is 13′ X 15′. It feature such things as granite counter tops, custom made cabinets, a mini fridge, a LCD TV, a computer and a LOT of storage. You can get a lot ideas to organize your craft supplies from this amazing room. Christie even posted videos to show her room in more details.


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  1. Kate Hertlein Says:

    Is there any way of learning where all these various containers where purchased, their sizes, and even, in some cases, what they are? OMG, I’d give my right ARM to have a room like this!!!

    Seriously, I really would like to know what the various containers are and where you found them. Thanks.


  2. Christie Hund Says:

    Hi This is Christie, the proud designer and owner of this craft room. If you are looking for more info on where to find some of the items I used in my room or how I have it organized please stop by my blog at http://creationsbychristie.blogspot.com and have a look around. Thanks and enjoy! -Christie

  3. Martha McClarnon Says:

    I don’t believe I could work in this room,it’s too neat. I don’t know anyone who has this kind of room.

  4. Doreen Guilfoyle Says:

    WOW WOW WOW! Christie – I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!! I am totally hyperventilating just looking at your beautifully organized STUFF! :-) LOVE! I am going to stop by your blog too and PIN your room! LOVE!
    ~Doreen at whereisyourhappyplace.blogspot.com

  5. skeetermig Says:

    I am curious how you hung your paint!My room has a lot of cross stitching and sewing with a mannequin for making my own dresses. Not sure how to organize this. Have slanted ceilings on both sides of room and a window on one end and closet door on the other. Very confused how to organize this and my OCD doesn’t help with the mess. Also have my office in there.

  6. Chris Says:

    Wow! I thought I had a lot of stuff!!

  7. Sandy Says:

    Do you have time to craft? If I was this organized I wouldn’t have any time left to be creative or is this my excuse not to be?

  8. Sandy Says:

    This is really amazing by the way . I love it

  9. Rosilind Says:

    To die for!

  10. lauren Says:

    im 13 and when i grow up this is my DREAM craft room to have!!!!!

  11. Nina Says:

    Wow this is the best crafts room I’ve come across on the web= Happy crafting Christie !!!

  12. Stickbug Says:

    I would love a room like this. I would never want to leave and I could be so productive. Oh the life of living in a wonderful dream room like this.

  13. Lisa Says:

    being this neat and organized helps to be more creative in my opinion. You don’t have clutter in the room getting in your way to work or messing with your mind. A place for everything helps you put it all back up in its place when you are done. So nothing is in the way to start anew. I however would see that a project in the works likely stays out until done. Unless there is room for storing projects in the works. I’m currently redoing my craft/office room. And yours is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I too am interested in some of your items. Hoping to find in your blog. Which I now plan on checking out. Thanks again!

  14. Trina Says:

    I think I could accomplish being creative in here! Right now my stuff is in laundry room, and I’d have to move heaven and earth just to get to tools and supplies, your way shows where everything is and easily accessible! Truly a beautiful room! I’ll be checking out your blog too!

  15. GrannyD Says:

    I’m gonna turn 64 this year, can I get this incredible room when I grow up too? I’ve been a very good girl lol

    Christie, this is honestly the most beautifully designed workroom I have ever seen. I am jealous beyond belief.

  16. Jeri Staley-Earnst Says:

    It recently took me 30+ hours to pack up everything in my studio to move to my new home. I make beads, make jewelry, work in polymer and do all things sewing/quilting. While I have nearly everything labeled and in nice storage containers I am a long way from this type of set up. I wonder if there is room for growth should you decide to pursue say a long-term complicated sewing project? I always work through some of my stash so it doesn’t continue to get bigger.

  17. amyt Says:

    Life is sooooooooo not fair. I have to work in my foyer for my crafting.

  18. Kathy Jaffe Says:

    You are a true visionary,
    this is what I see in my head..
    But I couldn’t get it just right….
    It is always a work in progress
    (never done!) LOL….

    Where with you! there it is…..AMAZING!!!
    So I thank you for all the mes out there….
    You ROCK!!!!

  19. busymama3 Says:

    I love your organization of Cricut cartridges and books! Also what appears to be a cassette holder for ink pads. My area is about 1/10th this size but just these two ideas would free up some room. Fantastic job!

  20. vee Says:

    she make me sick lol,imma craft horder n unorganized ok if you help me i wont be sick of you lol

  21. vee Says:

    do you have rubberstamps?and if so how do you organize them?

  22. Sharon Lones Says:

    This is fabulous – like everyone else I’d love a run-down of what you store where and where you found the various containers. This is the craft room of my dreams!

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