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Original DIY Earrings From Computer Keys

Would you like to make a pair of crazy earrings? Make them of a keyboard! You’ll need a computer keyboard, pliers, a screwdriver, 1 nail, a candle, 2 rings, 2 hooks for earrings.  Disconnect the keys from the base of the keyboard using the screwdriver. Choose 2 keys and eliminate the protruding part of the keys with pliers.... More

DIY Wire Wrapped Bird Nests Jewelry

This original jewelry connected with bird nests is easy to make, so prepare 22 gauge silver craft wire, 3pc 8mm round bead, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, a side cutter. Cut about 2 feet of craft wire. Make a small loop with your round nose pliers. Using your chain nose pliers to hold onto the wire, begin making a spiral... More

DIY Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet With Pearl Beads

Byzantine style has recently been in trend, and to look stylish you can make this Byzantine chainmail bracelet. Take 0.6mm glass pearl bead, mixed jump rings, lobster claps, eye pins, wire cutter plier, flat plier, round nose plier. Slide an eye pin through a glass pearl bead and make a loop with the round nose plier on the... More

DIY Leather Wrap Stamped Metal Bracelet

Any message can be put on pendants which is one of the reasons if you can do metal stamping.  Names, inspirational sayings, special dates, etc. all can be used. You can make a cool leather and metal stamp bracelet – it’s an ideal combination, rather stylish and suitable even for boys. When stamping, mix fonts sizes and... More

DIY Wire Heart Ring

Wire rings are awesome, comfortable to wear and easy to make. To make a wire heart ring you’ll need 20 gauge wire, pliers, wire clippers, a lip stick or lip gloss around the same size as your fingers. Cut 2 pieces of wire: one piece about 1 inch, and another piece about 1.5 -2 inches. I’ll be using the shorter piece to make... More

20 Cool And Easy Halloween Jewelry Tutorials

To highlight your Halloween style you’ll need some cool jewelry that you can easily make yourself without wasting much time or money. A simple glue gun necklace for your daughter is an ideal thing and is very easy to make. Spider webs are trendy for charms, necklaces and rings. Mummies, skulls and spiders are fantastic and... More

Cool Colorful DIY Beaded Earrings

Looking for some cute jewelry or a tutorial how to make it? Here it is! The supplies are Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead, 4mm Acrylic Rhinestone Bead, 6mm Bicone Glass Bead, an earring hook, a headpin, a jump ring, 0.5mm brass wire, side cutting pliers, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers. Slide 1 Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead and 5... More

Simple DIY Goldstone Beads Necklace

The author of this craft found fantastic goldstone cube beads and decided to use them for a cute jewelry piece. She succeeded in making a super easy and cool-looking necklace. And if you wanna make something like that, you’ll need 4 jump rings, 2 short lengths of chain, 6 goldstone cube beads, 1 magnetic clasp, 1 small piece... More

Beautiful DIY Silver Branches Bracelet

Though it’s hot summer now, some people prefer getting ready for everything beforehand. Let’s make a beautiful tribute to fall and winter – a refined silver branches bracelet. The supplies are 1 strand of charlotte silver-coated size 8 seed beads, 1 antique pewter twig toggle set, 5 yards of walnut brown Irish waxed linen... More

13 Charming Bohemian Jewelry Craft Ideas

Boho chic is the coolest! Bohemian pieces look awesome and very feminine, especially jewelry, that’s why today we’ll look at some boho jewelry tutorials. Boho chic is, first of all, beautiful head crowns and headpieces. Take a chain, add charms or a faux butterfly and you’ve got a great accessory for any boho-styled... More

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