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How To Make A Simple Vertical Garden

If your garden lacks a piece that would be comfortable for planting and make your plants look to advantage, let’s make this vertical garden. The supplies are a wooden pole, 4 clay pots, 10 zip ties, flowers, potting soil, and paint. Measure and cut your pole, attach two zip ties tightly to your pole at the bottom about an... More

Cool DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

We have already told you about various gardens, including vertical ones. And you know how pallets may be used also. Now there’s an idea of a vertical garden of a pallet. You’ll need 3-4 pallets in similar as planters, a hammer and nails for pulling planks off and nailing them together, a Dremel rotary tool is really handy... More

DIY Driftwood Wall Garden

If you came home from a vacation and still miss some nature wonders, this how-to is for you. A home garden in a driftwood piece! For the project you’ll need a piece of driftwood which you can find anywhere, hooks and nails and some air plants that don’t need soil. Clean your wood to be sure that there no bugs in it, screw... More

Simple DIY Vertical Garden As Part Of The Terrace

If your garden is small and you haven’t free space to expand it you might like this space saving idea. Make a vertical garden at the end of your terrace. It definitely won’t occupy much space but you’ll be able to plant many flowers in it. Besides it’ll act as a great divider from the neighbor’s... More

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