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DIY IKEA Bosse Stools And BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart Hack

Let’s hack IKEA furniture more and more and enjoy the results! Grab two Bosse stools and the BEKVÄM kitchen cart. Start off by using a plane sander with 150 grit paper and worked up to 220 on the stools as they are already finished. After vacuuming up and wiping everything down, start staining the tops. Use a one step stain... More

DIY IKEA Hack: Kids’ Table Makeover

More IKEA hacks and today for your little ones! Prepare furniture paint, rose gold spray paint, Ikea Latt kids table, 2″ foam roller and tray, 2″ paint brush, painter’s tape, wrapping paper or wallpaper, metal straight edge, an X-Acto knife, a sheet of acrylic cut to 17-3/8 x 23-5/8″.  Keep reading the tutorial in the... More

How To Hack IKEA Hyllis Shelving Unit: 5 DIY Ideas

IKEA Hyllis shelving unit is a cool and comfy piece that must be fastened to the wall and that can accomodate everything you need. Smart and universal, with an included plastic feet that protects the floor against scratching, it’s a perfect idea for any room. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the piece, you can always... More

9 DIY IKEA Ingo Table Makeovers You Should Try

IKEA Ingo is a simple plain pine dining table that can be easily transformed into something much more eye-catching and creative – just turn on your imagination! You can make it industrial or rustic using stain and changing legs for metal ones. You can change it into a coffee table making the legs shorter, or renovate the top... More

Stunning DIY Nautical-Inspired Accent Table

This adorable nautical accent table is just love! I’ve never seen a more original piece in this style, and you can make it yourself without spending much money! Gather three 1.5″ x 1.5″ pine lumber pieces, two 3/4″ x 1.5″ pine lumber pieces, one 3/4″ x 3/4″ pine lumber piece, a scrap piece... More

DIY Aztec Printed Nightstand Makeover

This old nightstand was a huge mess before it was renovated by deliciousanddiy.com. First, it was sanded, then spray painted with chalky finish paint in white. Here there are two coats applied but you can go for as many as you need. The most difficult part is applying a pattern to the nightstand. Do the trace out with a pencil... More

Stylish DIY Tropical Leaf Side Table

Summer is high time to rock some creative summer and tropical-inspired items, so today we are sharing a tropical leaf table project from curbly.com. Prepare plywood, a pencil, a scroll saw, handheld jig saw, or coping saw, sandpaper, table legs and hardware, spray paint, spray lacquer, a screwdriver. Begin sketching out your... More

11 Colorful And Fun DIY Stools For Kids

Kids’ furniture is an absolutely special thing because being fun and creative, it should also be functional and practical. Today we’ve prepared a list of cool stools for kids, and they are going to strike you with creativity and practicality. Pick an old stool and add some color and pattern – any shade and motif that your... More

How To Revamp A Tray Table For Cheap

A tray table is a very practical piece, which is great for any party, romantic dinner or just a meal with family and friends. If you don’t like your old tray table, or just not satisfied with a newly bought one, revamp it for cheap with this project from beckhamandbelle.com! For this project, the author took champagne colored... More

Colorful DIY Tassel Pouf From Old Fabric Straps

Don’t you think that an extra seating is always welcome? Poufs and floor cushions are the best ones as they don’t take room and you can also use them as footrest. To make this one, take some fabric and cut 8 rectangles of 6′ x 17′. Sew all the long sides together, and make a cylinder. Cut two circles of... More

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