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DIY Back To School Inspired Towels

This craft is back to school inspired! Let’s see how to turn usual cloth into notebook-looking towels. You’ll need linen, a pencil, a ruler, a sewing machine, hem-tape, embroidery thread and an embroidery needle. Measure out your soft linen into hand towel size. Make 1 inch marks down the front with a pencil and ruler.... More

DIY Gold Marbled Pencil Cup

The school year has almost begun and pen and pencil cases or holders are necessary more than ever. This cool glam pencil cup is easy to make, so prepare a plain glass or metal pencil cup, a small tub filled with water, popsicle sticks or toothpicks, paper towels, liquid gilding. In your water tub, use the popsicle sticks to... More

DIY Chain Trimmed Placemats For Cool Table Decor

Planning a party or a family dinner? Need some original idea for table décor? Here you are! You’ll need placemats, decorative chain, embroidery floss, threading needle, scissors, wire cutters. Thread needle with the embroidery floss and tie a double knot at the end. Place the end of the chain next to the edge of the... More

DIY Rotating Kitchen Utensil Caddy

A rotating utensil caddy is very useful and comfy, so let’s make one for your kitchen. You’ll need a 6 inch wood circle, a drill, wood stain, a staining brush, a 3/4″ wood dowel, 7″ long, E6000, ball bearing lazy susan, a 3 inch wood square and a decorative knob. First, stain the wood and the dowel and let them dry.... More

DIY Decorative Bead Drink Stirrers For Parties

If you’ve been following us lately, you’ve already read of some cool crafts for summer parties but these drink stirrers were not on the list. To make them you’ll need wooden skewers, small wooden beads – 3 per skewer and nail polish – in at least 3 shades of one color. Start by filling a jar or cup with rice and... More

DIY Reusable Snack Bags For Parties And Favors

These reusable snack bags are ideal for a party or to pack foodie wedding favors, so take thread, Velcro, scissors, a pen, a sewing machine, binder clips, sandwich bags, oil cloth and a ruler. Trace outline of sandwich bag on oil cloth for size. Cut out bag pieces from oil cloth. Clip bag pieces together with binder clips to... More

DIY Dachshund Knife Holder

A knife holder is a funny but necessary accessory not to stain the table, and a cool gift, so let’s make one! You’ll need: 1/2oz of white polymer clay that you can bake. Just a little bit of red clay for the “rudolph” nose, a knife. Cut 1/10 of your rectangle clay. With the bigger piece, form the tail at one... More

DIY Gingerbread House Snow Globe Coasters

Coasters are a cool accessory for any kitchen and not only – we all drink hot tea or coffee every day. These gingerbread coasters will remind you of Christmas and can become a cool gift for New Year. The supplies are ¼”-thick gray felt for the coaster base, felt in various thickness and colors for the appliques,... More

Cool And Easy DIY Button Napkin Ring

Let’s make awesome napkin rings suitable for any occasion including Christmas – everything depends on the buttons you choose. The supplies are buttons, cotton thread, scissors, a sewing needle, satin ribbon, fabric scraps. Cut your fabric in  strips and in the middle of it make with your scissor two tiny holes. Use your... More

DIY Gold Chair Place Card Holders

The holiday season is on, so it’s high time to think of your table setting and accessories you need. To make these cute place card holders you’ll need toy furniture chairs, spray paint (gold), colored paper & scissors, ball pins and a sharp pin. Spray paint your chairs in the desired color, and let dry. While you wait,... More