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Inspiring DIY ‘Happy Spring’ Framed Vase

Spring is here and it’s time to celebrate it decorating your home with various spring-inspired pieces. For this framed vase you’ll need 7×10 blank chalkboard, an extra fine permanent marker, white transfer paper, 12 gauge craft wire, chevron washi tape and a ball half-pint jar. Print out what you want to transfer onto the... More

8 DIY Indoor Moss Decorations For Spring Décor

Moss is ideal for spring décor because it’s cheap, easy to find and great for crafting. We’ve already told you about outdoor moss decorations but what about indoor? A topiary is the easiest idea for home décor, and moss balls put into a bowl look great and refreshing. Moss terrariums or pots with moss are great for décor... More

8 DIY Outdoor Moss Decorations

Moss is amazing for spring décor, so you can use it easily to decorate not only for Easter but for spring on the whole. Let’s start from outdoor décor! Make a moss wreath and decorate it with spring flowers (maybe not natural ones), and add a touch you want – ribbon, burlap, sequins and other decorations. Another cool... More

How To Grow Spring Flowers Indoors: 5 DIYs

Spring flowers are a good idea for décor – they are fresh, bright and bring joy inside, they help you breathing the spring in! Buying and arranging them is right what you need but what about growing them yourself? In case it’s cold in your place, growing them inside is a good idea. You’ll need to buy some cool glass... More

8 Cool DIY Outdoor Swings

It’s spring, perfect time to spend outdoors! If you want a romantic piece to lie on or a pretty swing for your kid, here’s a couple of ideas. Pallets have always been a perfect material to craft and a swing is no exception – pallet hanging beds or swings are amazing and you won’t need what to make a base of. Old chairs... More

How To Make A Cat Face T-Shirt

Are you a cat person? If you love cats, you may make a tee that would remind you of these sweet beasts. The supplies are a plain white t-shirt, black fabric paint, a sponge, a cat face stencil, freezer paper, scissors, painter’s tape. Place your cut-outs according to your stencil (you may download it), tape up the side of... More

DIY Stitched Metal Bracelet

Jewelry is right what can help you to complete the look and that’s why it’s very important to choose it right. If you can’t find what you want, you can make it yourself, for example, this unusual metal bracelet. The supplies are 1 metal cuff with holes, embroidery floss, leather bias tape, glue, felt for backing. If your... More

DIY Birch Bark Basket For Spring Decor

Cool spring and Easter crafts are very to the point as it’s time to decorate your house according to the season and coming holiday. Let’s make a birch bark basket for décor. The supplies are birch bark sheets, chipboard and craft glue. Create a box with the chipboard. You can make any size you want, but if you like, you... More

DIY Split Pea Wreath For Spring And Summer

Let’s make a pretty spring and summer wreath to greet the sunny time! There’s a cool idea of a natural wreath that won’t spoil. The supplies are a wreath form, 2 bags of split peas, Mod Podge, a sponge brush, a hot glue gun, glue sticks. Empty split peas into a foil lined cake pan, apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to... More

22 Cool And Easy To Make Spring Tees

We’ve already told you of some ways to renovate your clothes for spring, and this time we’ll tell you about some cool T-shirts that are easy to make and will make you rock this spring! There are ideas for any case: for parties and informal cases, for example, a sequins tee is perfect for celebrating something with your... More