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DIY Tillandsia Garden Of A Big Terra Cotta Star Ball

This home garden is based on a big terra cotta star ball, which is actually meant to have a light inside. If can’t find any, take a lantern with cutouts or a bird cage. Start by arranging the top, which is a melody of air plants, and work your way down.  It’s a matter of what looks pleasing and somewhat balanced to your... More

Charming Vintage Silver Garden Of Succulents

Vintage is fashionable and charming, it’s old charm that brings inspiration and beauty to the space. Succulents are everyone’s live today because they are cute and don’t require much attention. Let’s combine these two things in one to create an amazing vintage garden. You’ll need vintage silver pots, cactus and... More

DIY Driftwood Wall Garden

If you came home from a vacation and still miss some nature wonders, this how-to is for you. A home garden in a driftwood piece! For the project you’ll need a piece of driftwood which you can find anywhere, hooks and nails and some air plants that don’t need soil. Clean your wood to be sure that there no bugs in it, screw... More

Cool DIY Tin Cans Garden

There are many ways to create a garden even if you don’t have space for that. For example, a hanging garden, mobile and convenient in using – what can be better? Take tin cans, clothesline, spray paint, a hammer and some nails. First make holes in the cans using a drill. Punch holes not only in the bottom but also in the... More

DIY Tabletop Miniature Garden

A garden in spring is the main dream – no matter, what garden you have – a real big garden and or small one. Let’s create a personal garden – you’ll need an old table for a base. Put the table top off and begin making your own garden with soil, plants, flowers, moss and stones. They can be different but they still... More

50 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas And Pictures

If you can’t get enough of beautiful terraces then here are some more small urban garden design ideas for you. I’ve gathered as much good pictures as I could find and hope to hear your thoughts about them. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Do you wish your garden looked like one of these gardens... More

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