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Stylish DIY Faux Ceramic Napkin Rings

If you need a couple of stylish and cool napkin rings for some party, here’s an idea from almostmakesperfect.com. The supplies are polymer clay, a clay roller, a toilet paper roll, acrylic paint, gloss glaze. Condition your clay and make large clay balls, however many napkin rings you want to make. Roll out one at a time to a... More

DIY Pinecone And Sparkling Beads Napkin Rings

Laying a festive table is an important thing both for a party or a family dinner, and to create an appropriate atmosphere you need a couple of cool details. This sparkling napkin ring is one of them, and to make it you’ll need craft wire, grape vine craft wire, crystal beads, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, a hot glue gun... More

DIY Burlap Bunny Napkin Rings With Tails

We’ve already told you of some pretty Easter napkin rings, and here’s one more cute idea for the list. For these bunny napkin rings you’ll need a toilet paper roll, burlap, white pom poms, hot glue, scissors, Mod Podge. Start by cutting a pice of 3″ by 7″ burlap and a 1 1/2″ piece of a TP roll. Then, to create a... More

8 Easy DIY Easter Napkin Rings To Make

For your ideal Easter table décor you’ll need cool napkin rings to accentuate the table setting and the holiday that you celebrate. Let’s start from an easy project – print some bunnies and add burlap underneath, and here you are! Bunny ears are a popular idea for an Easter napkin ring, you can make them colorful or... More

Cool And Easy DIY Button Napkin Ring

Let’s make awesome napkin rings suitable for any occasion including Christmas – everything depends on the buttons you choose. The supplies are buttons, cotton thread, scissors, a sewing needle, satin ribbon, fabric scraps. Cut your fabric in  strips and in the middle of it make with your scissor two tiny holes. Use your... More

16 Awesome DIY Napkin Rings For Christmas

Napkin rings are a necessary accessory for any party or family dinner, and if you want to organize a cool table setting, every detail should be to the style. Here are some napkin rings for Christmas of the materials you have at hand. Jingle bells are amazing for décor and you can easily make a napkin ring just attaching such a... More

DIY Gold Wishbone Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving is coming and to accentuate your table décor you’ll need some pretty napkin rings, a table runner or original napkins. To make these cool wishbone napkin rings you’ll need oven bake clay, a craft knife and tin foil. Cut the block of clay into 4 equal sections. Then cut each section into three thin slices. ... More

10 Cool DIY Halloween Napkins And Napkin Rings

For a great Halloween party you’ll need to think over all the details: interior, accessories, favors and entertainments. If you pay attention even to the smallest details, your party will be ideal. That’s why this roundup is about the pretty little accessories – napkins and napkin rings. A black napkin is classic, it... More

16 Simple Fall Napkin Rings For Any Taste

We’ve already told you of fall centerpieces to make and table settings to choose, and now it’s time for napkin rings! This is a small but important accessory that should be also taken into consideration. You needn’t’ buy anything – just take some materials and start you work. Take natural materials like raffia,... More

How To Make Easter Nest Napkin Rings

Getting ready for Easter? We’ve already told you how to make some cute Easter centerpieces, and don’t forget of the other table decorations. Napkin rings in Easter style? Sure! You’ll need a napkin ring holder, a miniature nest, jellybeans, a cloth napkin. Take your nest and wrap its wire around the napkin ring; if your... More

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