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12 DIY Scandinavian Fall Crafts For Home Décor

Fall is here and if you haven’t added any touches of it to your home, maybe this roundup will help you. Today it’s all about Scandinavian fall! Scandinavian décor is simple, monochromatic, natural and very cozy. That’s why for Nordic fall décor you can make some decorations of natural wood, for example, a candle holder... More

20 Cool Knitted DIYs To Bring Warmth In

We’ve just told you of some cool crocheted projects that you can easily make to make your home cozy this season. For even more warmth let’s make some knitted projects! This roundup is not only for those who can knit but also for those who have some old sweaters to refashion them. Actually, you can knit almost any piece to... More

24 Comfortable DIY Poufs And Ottomans

You may easily make a pouf or an ottoman that will accent your interior and it’s a very functional piece as you may sit on it, put your feet, it may serve as a chair for your kid or a bed for your pet.  Choose colors that combine well and the design you want – a Moroccan pouf, a zebra pouf for your kid, or an ottoman of a... More

20 Knitted Elements of Decor and Furniture Pieces

Winter is a time of the year when we want additional comfort and warmth. Wool, fur, flannel and suede are materials that made our life more comfortable in winter. Modern designers have started to use knitted textures to make our homes more cozy too. Here are 20 elements of decor and furniture pieces with real or artificial... More

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