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DIY Knit And Felt Seat Pad From Unspun Wool

Every chair or stool can become cozier and comfier with a soft knit pad, let’s make it with this DIY project from lebenslustiger.com. Take 500gr of un-spun wool roving and knit seat pads with your fingers in stockinette pattern, and of course you can also use large (25mm thick) needles for knitting these. Start by chaining 7... More

12 DIY Scandinavian Fall Crafts For Home Décor

Fall is here and if you haven’t added any touches of it to your home, maybe this roundup will help you. Today it’s all about Scandinavian fall! Scandinavian décor is simple, monochromatic, natural and very cozy. That’s why for Nordic fall décor you can make some decorations of natural wood, for example, a candle holder... More

20 Cool Knitted DIYs To Bring Warmth In

We’ve just told you of some cool crocheted projects that you can easily make to make your home cozy this season. For even more warmth let’s make some knitted projects! This roundup is not only for those who can knit but also for those who have some old sweaters to refashion them. Actually, you can knit almost any piece to... More

25 DIY Coffee Cup Cozy Tutorials And Patterns

Winter is coming so probably it’s time to make your home more cozy and warm. I don’t mean to fire up your radiators but to add some details to your decor that will make it look more cozy. For example you can start with dressing up your cups into some cozy warmers. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of tutorials... More

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