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Original DIY Earrings From Computer Keys

Would you like to make a pair of crazy earrings? Make them of a keyboard! You’ll need a computer keyboard, pliers, a screwdriver, 1 nail, a candle, 2 rings, 2 hooks for earrings.  Disconnect the keys from the base of the keyboard using the screwdriver. Choose 2 keys and eliminate the protruding part of the keys with pliers.... More

Stylish DIY Geo Cufflinks

Geo pieces and decorations are hot, so let’s make these cufflinks for your boyfriend or father, prepare tacky glue, polymer clay, an xacto knife and gold cufflinks. Preheat oven to 275°; cut your clay into small squares or circles and hold up to your cufflinks to make sure they’re a little bigger than the cufflink surface... More

Industrial DIY Copper Pipe And Quartz Necklace

This kind of industrial necklace is easy to make and you needn’t skills for that! You’ll need 4cm/1.5″ copper pipe, small quartz crystal shard, 0.8mm/20G copper wire, E6000 glue. Glue your crystal onto the copper pipe and leave to dry. Twist the wires together at the back tightly to keep them secure. Cut off the excess... More

How To Make A Clay Pendant Necklace

I’m looking forward to sharing an easy and cool way to make a necklace of any shape you want! The supplies are oven bake clay, a silicone mold, acrylic craft paints, small paint brushes, a necklace and/or bracelet chains, jump rings, jewelry pliers and gloss glaze. Take a small piece of clay and warm it up with your fingers... More

DIY Wire Wrapped Bird Nests Jewelry

This original jewelry connected with bird nests is easy to make, so prepare 22 gauge silver craft wire, 3pc 8mm round bead, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, a side cutter. Cut about 2 feet of craft wire. Make a small loop with your round nose pliers. Using your chain nose pliers to hold onto the wire, begin making a spiral... More

Cool DIY Faux Geode Studs

Wanna a pair of cool and stylish studs? Prepare FIMO clay, glass glitter, flare caps, E-600 glue, earring posts and backs. Start by massaging your FIMO clay slightly to soften it up. We want it to adhere to as much of the glitter as possible, so don’t skip this step. Once that’s done, place a small amount of the... More

Beautiful DIY Gold Hexnut Necklace

If you’ve been following us lately, you already know that hexnuts are ideal as jewelry material. And here’s one more beautiful prove! For this cool necklace prepare gold hexnuts, jewelry pliers, E-6000, cord end, a jump ring,  necklace chain and faux rhinestone stickers. Flatten out your cord end. Trim the cord end to the... More

Adorable DIY Flower Necklace To Wear This Spring

Spring is time to surround yourself with flowers! And, of course, to wear some! To make this flower necklace you’ll need flowers, gauge 26 floral wire, yarn or twine, felt, scissors or pliers. Cut your yarn or twine to your desired length of necklace. Make it longer because you can always trim it. Cut wire and wrap it around... More

DIY Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet With Pearl Beads

Byzantine style has recently been in trend, and to look stylish you can make this Byzantine chainmail bracelet. Take 0.6mm glass pearl bead, mixed jump rings, lobster claps, eye pins, wire cutter plier, flat plier, round nose plier. Slide an eye pin through a glass pearl bead and make a loop with the round nose plier on the... More

Stylish DIY Hex Nut Cuff

Hex nuts are great for creating jewelry! Unexpected? Look at this tutorial! To make this hex nut cuff you’ll need hex nuts, Aleene’s Super Gel Adhesive, tulip glam-it-up crystals and a metal cuff. If your cuff is a little large or needs adjusting make sure you do this before adding your hex nuts. For a metal cuff you can do... More

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