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Cool DIY Mini Magnet Garden

We have told you of mini gardens for your home many times and you can choose from many variants, but this garden is the smallest one because it’s made of wine corks. The supplies are corks, a knife, a screwdriver, a hot glue gun and magnets. Punch holes in the corks with the head of a screwdriver and carve the inside with the... More

Cool DIY Vintage Tabletop Garden Of Old-Fashioned Kettles

We have already told you about many variants of mini gardens like fairy garden for kids, tin cans, garden on a window-sill and so on. Now here’s a vintage garden idea using old kettles. All you need is some old-fashioned kettles, herbs and soil for planting. Take you kettles, put the soil inside and plant your herbs. Add a... More

Cute DIY Tabletop Mini Garden

If you search for an unusual way to decorate your patio then make a miniature tabletop garden for it. You don’t need a lot of materials for that but you should be quite creative to make it really cool. The garden on the pictures is made with using of several miniature garden accessories and several adorable little... More