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7 DIY Shabby Chic Whitewashed Headboards

White washed furniture charms with its shabby chic and vintage looks, that’s why today we offer you to bring some refined charm to your bedroom making a white washed headboard. The idea is very simple: you just make a headboard of the wood that you have at hand like some old wood you got or pallets or whatever. After sanding... More

6 Various DIY Fabric Headboards To Make

These are not upholstered headboards but just fabric ones – have a look at them! A cute and romantic idea is to make a cool ruffled headboard, you’ll need to hang some ruffled fabric on the wall behind your bed – on some rail. A curtain headboard is also great, even in case you don’t have a window behind – it looks... More

4 DIY Chalkboard Headboards You’ll Love

Chalkboard pieces are so popular today because they are cool for design and allow leaving messages on them. How about a chalkboard headboard? Just imagine – you can leave a message to your beloved or kid, write something touching and sweet for him or her to red when waking up! So, cover your headboard with chalkboard paint or... More

5 Cool DIY Headboards With Storage Space

A headboard with some storage space is a brilliant idea for a small bedroom! You can make such a headboard yourself without spending much money. There are different variants available: a pegboard, shelves on the headboard or instead of it, a headboard with hidden storage. An easy way is to take several inexpensive bookcases and... More

5 Stylish DIY Leather Headboards

Leather is an elegant material and it’s cool for making a headboard, with such a headboard your bed would look stylish and awesome. Using natural leather is very expensive, so if you don’t have any – just buy faux leather. Actually, making a leather headboard is just the same as making a fabric one, and you can make a... More

5 Cool DIY Headboards With Lights

A headboard with lights is a very cool thing because it’s not only functional but also very romantic and comfy! It’s an especially good idea for those who like to sleep with lights on. We’ve picked up 5 hottest DIY ideas of such headboards, so you can make them yourself! A headboard with backlit LEDs is a stylish idea and... More

How To Make A Pegboard Headboard For Useful Accessories

If you want some extra space for placing things and even flower pots, here’s an idea.  A pegboard headboard of your bed can accommodate all these things. You’ll need a pegboard, drywall screws, clear spacers, pegboard hangers, general mounting tools. Get a general idea of the layout you want, then measure and make marks.... More

DIY Modern Woven Headboard

We already showed you a lot of different headboards and DIY headboards but this one is completely different. With a woven look this fabric headboard could become a great addition to a modern bedroom. It’s inspired by one of the Lowes creative ideas but made from cheaper materials and looks even more interesting. To make... More

15 Cool Ideas To Use Mirrors As Headboard

There are many things you can use as headboards. Some time ago I’ve showed you how to make your headboard looks like a fireplace but for some people this is too much. If these people want something creative anyway they can use mirrors as a headboard. Such headboard will turn out great in any case. It doesn’t matter... More

20 Creative Headboard Ideas To Imitate A Fireplace

Have you ever thought that you can make a headboard that looks like a fireplace? I haven’t until I saw these awesome headboards. They not only looks great but also can provide some storage space. Enjoy the pictures and make sure your headboard is as great as these ones. Check also out these awesome headboard ideas if you... More