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13 Easy And Cool DIY Christmas Gifts For Boys

We’ve already told you of awesome gifts for girls for the coming Christmas but what about boys? It’s considered that it’s more difficult to find a good gift for a boy than for a girl, so today we’ve decided to ease your choice and gathered a whole bunch of cool and budget-friendly DIY ideas. Christmas ornaments will... More

25 Super Easy Christmas Gifts For Girls

Christmas is just round the corner and it’s high time for buying or making presents – there’s little time left! Let’s see what we can make for girls to give as a gift. Of course, jewelry is number one thing to give – bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Boot toppers and arm warmers are also a cool accessory to... More

DIY Gold Striped Mug As A Holiday Gift

A cool striped mug is not only a great piece of tableware but also a fantastic and inexpensive gift for the coming holidays. The supplies are painters tape, Martha Stewart Metallic Paint and a paintbrush, scotch artist tape for curves, scissors and a mug. Arrange your tape in a pattern for your stripes. Don’t worry about the... More

How To Make A Stuffed Bunny

This funny DIY bunny may be a cool present for these holidays, and it’s rather simple to make. The supplies are fabric of the color and pattern you like, scissors, threads, a sewing machine, a poly-fil and buttons. Download the template and cut the pattern. Sew arms and ears and stuff them with poly-fil. Sew eye onto the... More

Simple DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes

Snowglobes have always been a symbol of Christmas, a cool gift, especially for children, and I’m sure that for the most of us it reminds of cozy Christmas with family and friends. Let’s make a simple mason jar snowglobe, you’ll need mason jars, waterproof toys or figures, glitter, glycerin, epoxy or non-water soluble... More

DIY Rustic Wood Slice Coasters

Here is a cool idea for Christmas handmade gifts – wood slice coasters. They are practical addition to any kitchen and looks really cool with their rustic charm. Such wood coaster is quite easy to make. You just need to cut about 10 slices from any dry wood branch and glue them to a wood base you can made of any wood... More

1000+ Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Today, I’m tried to gather as large collection of handmade Christmas gift tutorials as possible. I hope it will make any crafty person’s heart sing with joy. A lot of these projects won’t take much of your time but those who will receive them definitely would be happy because I think that there isn’t... More

5 DIY Wine Bottle Gift Wrap Ideas

A wine bottle is an easy gift for your neighbors or friends for Christmas and any other holiday. Although in order to make it more personal and cute you can make a bottle wrap for it. Here are 5 cute wine bottle gift wrap ideas that might help you with that. There are also tutorials showing how to make them.... More

More Than 100 Cool DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I know it’s early, but I can’t help myself! I love Christmas and I love making the gifts I buy for family and friends looks extra special. This year I decided I’m only wrapping my gifts in kraft paper. As much as I love cute patterned paper, it can get expensive and you don’t get that much in a roll.... More

DIY Glitter Snow Globe

Snow globes are perfect things to add some winter wonderland in your home decor. Besides they are perfect holiday gifts to your friends. When they are handmade they are even more cool. This glitter snow globe can be made by you if you’ll have a small glass jar, an animal figure, a fir tree figure, gold and silver glitter,... More