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Fun DIY Neon Cactus Light With El Wire

This neon light from shrimpsaladcircus.com is a funny and cute idea for your interior and is suitable for any party. The supplies are lime green EL wire, heavy copper wire, a hammer, a bench block, scissors, a plant pot, foam board, a pencil, super glue and tape. Bend a piece of copper wire around the handle of the hammer to... More

DIY Rosebud Fairy Lights For Parties

If you’re planning a party, you’ll need some lights to decorate the house, and here’s a great idea, especially for Valentine’s Day. The supplies are a string of small white, pink or red lights, sheer wired ribbon in red or pink, floral tape in a color to match the light cord, scissors. Turn the end of the ribbon in just... More

DIY Christmas Bow String Lights

For the coming Christmas you can make bow string lights to decorate your house and maybe your tree. You’ll need LED string lights, Christmas bows, and an awl. Pull off the sticky tab on the bag of each ribbon, starting from its top push aside the bow’s loops and poke a hole through the bow. If you made too many loops, try... More

DIY Glitter Votives For Your Holiday Table

Glitter is a so cool think when you need to make something sparkly. These DIY votives are more than sparkly and they could become perfect addition to your Holiday table. If you’d make enough of them they could even become a cool centerpiece and provide enough light for a festive dinner. The votives could be made from... More

15 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom

If you want to adorn your bedroom with Christmas lights then you came into the right place to find some inspiration. If these creative ideas to hang holidays lights isn’t enough then check out all these pictures below. It isn’t hard to decorate your bedroom with lights but make it comfy and romantic isn’t as... More

15 Creative Ideas To Hang Holiday Lights

For many people Christmas holidays is the favorite part of the year. Streets and houses are covered with Christmas lights and everything is glowing in the dark. Although if you want to be original with Christmas lights in your home without creating a large lights display you need to be creative. I’ve gathered for you some... More

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