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25 Super Easy Christmas Gifts For Girls

Christmas is just round the corner and it’s high time for buying or making presents – there’s little time left! Let’s see what we can make for girls to give as a gift. Of course, jewelry is number one thing to give – bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Boot toppers and arm warmers are also a cool accessory to... More

DIY Gold Striped Mug As A Holiday Gift

A cool striped mug is not only a great piece of tableware but also a fantastic and inexpensive gift for the coming holidays. The supplies are painters tape, Martha Stewart Metallic Paint and a paintbrush, scotch artist tape for curves, scissors and a mug. Arrange your tape in a pattern for your stripes. Don’t worry about the... More

Exquisite DIY Perfume Bottles

If you want to make a cool gift for your friends, relatives or bridesmaids, make these exquisite perfume bottles! The supplies are glass bottles, assorted crystal beads, bead pins and caps, needle-nose pliers, glass paint. Thread a bead pin through the hole of a teardrop crystal bead and loop it a couple of times, pulling... More

15 Cool And Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is in a couple of weeks and you don’t know what to give to your Mom as a present? We’ve gathered some cool ideas for you that won’t take much time and don’t require much skill. Handmade sop and bath salts are on top of the list because these gifts are necessary for every woman. Flower vases and jars of... More

DIY Easter Terrarium With Moss Rabbits

This is a perfect Easter decoration and gift not only for adults but also for kids. For this simple Easter terrarium you’ll need a small glass vase, preserved moss, moss covered styrofoam rabbits, small fake eggs, dirt and toothpicks. Put some dirt into your vase and the preserved moss. Stick toothpicks into the bottom of... More

How To Make Leather Heart Coin Purse

Are you beating your brains out what to present to your friend, girlfriend or little daughter? We’ve found a brilliant idea for you! Leather heart coin purse – it’s ideal and to the point on this day. You’ll need 2 leather hearts, button stud closure, glue, a hole punch, a craft knife. On the back of each heart, apply a... More

15 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is at hand and it’s high to think about how you spend it: will you have a party or an intimate dinner for two? What table settings and centerpieces would you choose? And, the most important, what will you give to your other half? We’ve found some cool and easy ideas that won’t take much time or efforts... More

Simple DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes

Snowglobes have always been a symbol of Christmas, a cool gift, especially for children, and I’m sure that for the most of us it reminds of cozy Christmas with family and friends. Let’s make a simple mason jar snowglobe, you’ll need mason jars, waterproof toys or figures, glitter, glycerin, epoxy or non-water soluble... More

Cool DIY Instacards For Holiday Gifts

For the coming Christmas gift cards are a cool thing, they are necessary! The supplies are instagram photos from your feed in Jpeg format, a cutting mat, a card stock, copy paper, canvas paper, an embroidery needle and thread or a sewing machine, a ruler and a rotary cutter. Decide on the size your cards and then print you... More

How To Decorate Water Cans To Surprise Your Mother

If your Mom is keen on gardening, you can make an amazing surprise for Mother’s Day – decorate the watering cans. The supplies are a metal watering can, some waterproof Modge Podge, a brush and a paper flower cut- out. Make sure the outside of the watering can is clean and dry before starting the project. Cut out a flower... More