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5 DIY Plaid Home Decorations For Christmas

Plaid or tartan is one of the symbols of Christmas, it’s often used for festive décor and we sometimes wear it. Plaid is so special because it brings coziness and looks very comfy yet bright, so today I’ve prepared some amazing crafts with tartan. The easiest idea to incorporate it is to use plaid wrapping paper for gifts,... More

14 Gold Thanksgiving DIYs For Pretty Home Décor

Gold is a traditional color for Thanksgiving because it’s a color of fall, well-being and it’s festive. That’s why we’ve decided to roundup some cute gold crafts to give your Thanksgiving a sparkle. Take a couple of cool pumpkins, gourds, nuts, pinecones or branches and spray paint them with gold – it’s very easy... More

9 DIY Thanksgiving Front Door Décor Ideas

Thanksgiving is a very cozy holiday, and décor should be corresponding. Today we’ll talk about front door décor – on of the most important places to decorate and one of the easiest ones! You don’t need much to decorate it well, just a wreath, a garland and maybe some luminaries. Make a cool distressed sign or just use... More

DIY Embroidered Felt Easter Eggs

If you want some original Easter decorations, let’s make these felt eggs. Prepare wool roving, 1 bowl warm, soapy water, 1 bowl lukewarm water, scissors, cotton embroidery thread, a 3″ long needle. Tear a small strip of wool roving and roll into a loose ball in your hand. Dip ball in bowl of warm soapy water, submerging... More

DIY Wood Letter Art For Thanksgiving

Let’s make some wood letter art for the coming Thanksgiving! You’ll need wood letters, acrylic craft paint, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, wood glue, a sanding tool, wood board. Paint the sides and back of the letters.  Paint the wood board. Trace the letters onto the scrapbook paper and cut out.  Apply Mod Podge to the... More

21 Cool Crafts For Your 4th July Party

Guys, if you are planning an awesome 4th July party, I hope you’ve already prepared all the décor pieces and some cool treats in patriotic colors. If you haven’t, these tutorials will help you to organize a cool party easily and fast. First of all, let’s think of table setting. A good DIY centerpiece of crackers is a... More

12 Easter-Inspired Crafts With Eggs

For Easter you can not only decorate eggs and eat them but also make cool décor pieces using them. Make a crochet decoration case and hang it – here you have a perfect piece. A centerpiece with grass and eggs is very easy to make and looks great! One more centerpiece idea is an egg tree – stylish, original and with an... More

4th of July DIY Sparklers To Decorate The Table

The main party of this summer is coming! The 4th of July is almost here, and we are all getting ready to celebrate it in the best way. If you wanna make some cool DIY decorations, this tutorial is for you. You’ll need sparklers, circle tags in red and blue, matchboxes or matchbooks, custom labels in red and blue, construction... More

How To Make Dried Billy Flowers

Dried billy flowers are a cool decoration for any case, they always look modern and romantic. But how can you make them yourselves? All you need is dried flower balls, wire sticks, and some floral tape. Decide what height you’ll need and cut the wire according to it. Now wrap wire with floral tape. Poke the wire into flower... More

Simple DIY Paper Flowers For Mother’s Day

Here’s a nice idea of Mother’s Day decoration – paper flowers. All you need is some colored tissue paper and a bunch of green pipe cleaners. Cut your tissue paper into 10 inch squares and stack these squares and fold accordion-style. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the folded paper and twist to secure. Unfold one... More

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