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Super Cute And Fun DIY Instagram In A Box

I can’t live a day without Instagram, and you? There’s a pretty cool gift for those who love it, or for yourself to keep the best pics at hand. For this Insta box you’ll need a rounded square paper mache box, black and white cardstock cut into concentric circles, heart punched or cut from red cardstock, red, blue, green... More

12 DIY Gift Boxes, Wraps And Tags For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming, and I’m sure that you’ve already found or made a gift for your dad but have you already packed it? If not, we’ve got a couple of very simple and cheap ideas to do that. As it’s a gift for a man, get something manly – moustache wrapping paper, superhero boxes and paper, various geographic and... More

16 Easy And Inexpensive DIY Father’s Day Gifts

There are just a few days left before Father’s Day and if you haven’t found a gift yet, here’s a roundup with ideas! If your dad works at an office, he’s appreciate an office-connected present: a tie, a pair of cufflinks, cufflink cases and tie racks. A wallet or a card holder is a super actual item for every man at any... More

DIY Wood Grain Flask For Father’s Day

If you haven’t prepared a gift for the coming Father’s Day, this DIY from almostmakesperfect.com is right what you need. The supplies are stainless steel flask, wood grain contact paper, a paint marker, scissors, an xacto knife. Cut out a piece of your contact paper to fit around the flask. Try to use a smooth piece that... More

Cute DIY Perler Bead Tray With A Floral Motif

Wanna make a cute tray as a gift? Buy Perler beads! The supplies are Perler® Beads Super Sized Clear Pegboard, Perler Beads® Tray of Beads, Perler® Bead Bag – White and Free Vintage Roses Template.  Print out the Free Vintage Roses Template and place under the clear pegboard. Making sure to leave enough room for the... More

Luxurious DIY Stamped Clay Stone Paperweights

These beautiful paperweights aren’t only perfect for readers but can make a perfect and luxurious gift. To make them you’ll need some stones or pebbles, air dry clay, a selection of stamps and some water.  Start by kneading your air-dry clay until it is soft and easy to work with. Wrap and press flat pieces of clay around... More

13 DIY Scrapbooks And Photo Books To Keep Your Memories At Hand

Everyone used to have a photo album just some time ago, and now we like scrapbooks and photo books more, it’s a more modern version. Take some notebook and print your pics In Polaroid or Instagram style, and attach them to the notebook pages – you can leave comments on the pages and even draw on the photos. Make a memories... More

Fun DIY Photo Soaps As Friend Gifts

These fun photo soaps are amazing as friend gifts. Prepare clear glycerin soap, essential oil or fragrance, soap molds or small cardboard boxes, photos on transparency paper or copy paper, scaled to fit your molds, packing tape if using transparencies, a microwave safe bowl, scissors. First print your photos. Cut out your... More

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

If you want to make a great gift for your love, better make it beforehand, without any fuss. Today we’ll see, what gifts you can make for a boy – your boyfriend or just friend. A gift for a boy should be manly to some degree, so better don’t give him a pack of pink marshmallows or a heart phone case. Take a couple of mugs... More

20 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girls

There’s a month left before Valentine’s Day and it’s time to get crafty and make some decorations and gifts. This article is dedicated to gifts that are suitable for girls, so it’s full of girly stuff, get ready! I won’t take jewelry as we’ve already told you of it, but there are some cool jewelry holders and... More

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