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Charming Vintage Silver Garden Of Succulents

Vintage is fashionable and charming, it’s old charm that brings inspiration and beauty to the space. Succulents are everyone’s live today because they are cute and don’t require much attention. Let’s combine these two things in one to create an amazing vintage garden. You’ll need vintage silver pots, cactus and... More

Amazing DIY Garden Of Snail Shells

We have told you of many miniature gardens, but this one is so special that you’ll love it at once! A tiny window sill garden this time is full of charm of nature because even the planters are natural. For this garden you’ll need some snail shells that you may find in any garden, some soil and tiny succulents. Take your... More

How To Create A Fairy Garden For Your Kids

In summer the question of creating an original garden design is especially popular. There are many ideas like a window sill garden, a tea cup garden or else. There’s an idea of a fairy garden that would be appreciated by your kid. Take wine boxes and add some gravel, then soil. Choose the plants according to their... More

How To Design A Charming Girlish Garden

In spring we all start thinking of our gardens and how to design them. Here’s a brilliant idea of designing a garden in a girlish way. Even if you don’t have much space, you can organize you sweet piece of paradise. Paint your planters in spring colors like green lime or pink. Paint different plants or vegetables together... More

50 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas And Pictures

If you can’t get enough of beautiful terraces then here are some more small urban garden design ideas for you. I’ve gathered as much good pictures as I could find and hope to hear your thoughts about them. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Do you wish your garden looked like one of these gardens... More

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