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8 DIY Eye-Catching Cranberry Decorations For Winter And Christmas

Cranberries are traditional for Christmas, and we often include them into the festive menu, so why not use fresh berries for decor, too? Cranberries can be easily incorporated into any kind of decor: garlands, wreaths, small wreaths for place cards, cneterpieces and ornaments, and foodie decor has alwasy been in trend. Making... More

How To Make Edible Spoons

Edible spoons are amazing for any party or celebration! As Halloween and then Thanksgiving are coming, I think it’s high time to make some. You’ll need some dough, some spoon molds and an oven.  You need just to roll flat a piece of bread, punch out the spoon shape, press the cutout into the spoon and bake. Actually you... More

16 Amazing Gingerbread Christmas Crafts

Gingerbread is one of the symbols of Christmas, gingerbread houses and a gingerbread man are not only cool and beautiful but also very tasty. You may make these crafts together with your kids and enjoy the time spent together. You may also craft some pieces connected with this idea like gingerbread puppets, chalkboard... More

Awesome DIY Cookie Decor By Natasha Tasic

Could you imagine that DIY cookie decorating may become an art? Natasha Tasic, a gifted cookie artist, creates amazing cookie designs with chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon, – delicious and beautiful, isn’t that awesome? The themes for Natasha’s works are different: various holidays, cartoon characters, vintage... More

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