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DIY Fresh Flowers Art Piece For Home Decor

Fresh flowers just can’t be more natural than in spring, so let’s make a cool home decoration with them! You’ll need fresh flowers, a frame of your choice, needle & thread, scissors, clear scotch tape. Start off by removing the glass and backing of your frame. Cut the stems off your flowers, preferably at an angle so... More

DIY Moss And Twine Wrapped Jars

We’ve already told you of an easy spring and Easter centerpiece with grapevine, here’s one more similar idea with wrapping. The supplies are craft moss, twine, mason jars and scissors. First cut your moss into strips of the desired size, then wrap it around your jars and secure with the twine around a few times and make a... More

DIY Spring Rose Tulips Centerpiece

Spring has almost come and here’s a simple spring centerpiece that will bring a fresh blooming touch to any table. You’ll need 9 small bottles, silk ribbon, a thin rope of the same color, silicone glue and transparent tape; 9 rose tulips, holly for décor. Take two bottles and glue them as you see on the photo; attach the... More

DIY Planter Box Centerpiece

We’ve already told you of some spring table centerpieces that you can easily make yourself, and here’s one more idea! The supplies are two 1x6x4 whitewood boards, 2×4 stud, Gorilla Wood glue, stain and nails. Cut your boards, using glue and nails to attach the 1×6′s to the 2×4. Cut 2 small pieces of from the stud to... More

20 Colorful And Creative DIY Spring Centerpieces

Get ready for spring! Let’s make some pretty spring centerpieces to decorate your table and feel the flourishing season! To make your simple flower centerpiece more original, add curly willow tips inside the vase. Flowers made of colorful felt are also cool and won’t wither. Eggs and daffodils would remind you of Easter;... More

15 Ideas To Make Exotic Flower Arrangements To Decorate Your Table

Exotic flowers are great when it comes to make your interior more beautiful and fresh. Of course they are also great to create arrangements to decorate a table for a dinner. These arrangements and centerpieces came to us from the western part of the world. We gathered for you some ideas to help you to create them by yourself.... More

DIY Stylish Flower Centerpiece Of Egg Carton

Even though this clever and stylish centerpiece was done as a wedding project it can be used in any other situation too. The centerpiece is made of egg cartons and vintage buttons so it’s not only easy but also very cheap to make. Here is what you’ll need:One paper egg carton 12 pipe cleaners 24 gauge... More

25 Floating Flowers And Candles Centerpieces

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, we want to show you some of the most romantic centerpieces and decorations you can make. They all feature candles and flowers and water that connects them. There are really a LOT of ways to make such decorations and we can only provide you with some ideas. The basic idea is to take a vase or... More

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