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DIY Industrial Lantern From Metal Clamps

This is a super easy and relatively inexpensive project to add some mood lighting to a porch or outdoor space, thanks to babybugjournals.com. The supplies are 6″ metal clamps, 4″ duct cap, S-Hooks, 4′ section of chain link, candles. Take 3 metal clamps and do your best to fit them together into a circle shape.... More

DIY Paper Lantern With A Star Pattern

This lantern by everydaydishes.com is amazing due to the cute star effect, and it’ll be awesome both for adults and kids. Prepare a DIY paper lantern template, card stock, a precision knife, a hot glue gun, 4 18″ floral wire stems, 18-gauge, single socket cord, a low watt bulb. Download the DIY paper lantern template... More

DIY Hearts And Stars Paper Lanterns

These fun lanterns are great for parties or just home décor, they are so romantic! Prepare tissue paper, heart & star stamp punchers, paper lanterns, Mod Podge or glue, a brush. Stack a few sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and punch the shapes out using your puncher. Dip your paint brush into the mod podge or... More

DIY Hanging Lanterns With Candles

Hanging candles are very popular for indoors and outdoors – these are perfect lanterns, romantic and simple to make. You can easily make ones, you’ll need knitting yarn/sturdy thin rope, jam glasses, candles. Cut your rope into pieces, tie all the pieces into a knot. Pull tight and separate the rope pieces into pairs. Take... More

DIY Beach-Inspired Candle Lantern

Beaches and sea – that’s what inspire us these hot days! Let’s make a beach-inspired candle lantern, the supplies are a mason jar, Americana Decoupage, broken seashells or faux rock vase filler, a brush, twine, painters tape. To make the jars apply a generous amount of decoupage glue on the mason jar, working in sections.... More

15 Handmade Outdoor Lights And Lamps

Spring is a perfect season to spend time in your garden. Is it green already? Are the flowers going to blossom? Garden parties are amazing at this time of the year. To spend a good time in the evening or at night you’ll need some outdoor lights, and here are some ideas. First of all, candles! Candles give a romantic touch,... More

DIY Hanging Candle Lanterns For Outdoors

It’s not too cold still for spending cool time outdoors. To create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere let’s make some simple lanterns for outdoors. You’ll need glass jars, twine, candles and scissors. First, tie a small piece of string around the rim of your jar. Then cut three pieces of string about 24 inches in length.... More

Beautifully Decorated DIY Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are cool, simple in crafting and an ideal decoration for any garden. Let’s take some and decorate them in an original way. For the project you’ll need paper lanterns, fabric scraps, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, paint brushes, ribbons, lace, or other trimmings. Expand your lantern into a globe and paint it with... More

DIY Clay Outdoor Hanging Lamp

Outdoor lamp should withstand harsh weather. Keep that in mind when you’re making such lamps by yourself. For example, you can use a clay pot as a lamp shade. You definitely won’t need to bring a lamp with such lamp shade in from the rain. To make the lamp you’ll also need a chain and outdoor led lights. The... More

DIY Wired Outdoor Tea Light Holders

These cute tea light holders are perfect to use as outdoors as indoors and are very easy to make using rough wire and a pair of pilers. The most important thing here is to get a straight and flat from the wire at the bottom of the holder to keep tea lights stable. You can even make similar holders that will hold some... More

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