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DIY Gingerbread Ornaments Of Felt

Gingerbread ornaments are typical and traditional for Christmas, and tasty! If you don’t want to make foodie ornaments as they can be easily destroyed or spoilt, let’s make felt ones. The supplies are brown felt, paper & pencil, scissors, brown thread and a thin needle, white thread and a thick needle and white beads.... More

Rustic DIY Ornaments Of Wood Discs

If you’ve chosen rustic décor for Christmas and are looking for some simple rustic ornaments to make, here’s an idea! You’ll need wooden cut discs, small eye hooks, a gold-filled pen, a screwdriver or any sharp point, twine. Using your sharp point, carve names or initials onto the wood rounds. Screw the eyehook onto the... More

DIY Glass Heart Ornaments With Eucalyptus Leaves

We’ve already told you of some natural and foodie ornaments you can easily make using the things you have in the kitchen. Here’s one more cool idea to the list: glass ornaments with eucalyptus leaves inside. The supplies are clear glass ornaments of any shape you like, dried and dyed eucalyptus leaves (their color is... More

13 Cool DIY Geometrical Ornaments For Christmas

Geometric design is a hot trend today, and designers use it for interiors, weddings and even clothes. Geometric Christmas ornaments are great for minimalist Christmas or if you are looking for particular elegance in décor. Himmeli ones are an ideal thing, you can make them in different colors – gold, copper, silver or even... More

14 Beautiful DIY Gold, Silver And Copper Christmas Tree Ornaments

Gold, silver and copper are classical for any type of décor, and Christmas ornaments are no exception. You can easily make some ornaments yourself just upgrading the old ones or making absolutely new ones. Spray painting the ornaments is a good idea and  you can also decorate them with some crystals or embellishments. Glitter... More

Colorful DIY Acorn Ornaments

Natural decorations are great as they bring the nature in. To make these acorn ornaments you’ll need acorns tops, polymer clay, gold jewelry hooks, paint and a paint brush. Roll your polymer clay into balls. It’s a great activity to do with kids! Just be sure to keep them a size that will fit in the acorn cap. Bake... More

DIY Himmeli Christmas Ornament

Geometric pieces are getting more and more popularity. That’s why today we’ll make a truly  geometric ornaments – himmeli decoration. The supplies are paper straws (12 equal-sized pieces for each ornament), twine/string, wood beads, craft paint. Make a triangle of the paper straws, and then two more side by side. Attach... More

DIY Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

A beautiful snow globe as an ornament? Yes, please! The supplies are clear glass baubles, small trees, white spray paint, glue, a wooden skewer, scissors, tweezers and white glitter. Cut the tree so that it could fit the bauble and lightly spray paint it. Dab some glue on the end of the skewer and gently place it into the... More

Beautiful DIY Jingle Bells Ornaments

Jingle bells are an awesome reminder of the coming Christmas, so let’s make an ornament of them! You’ll need jingle bells, ribbon, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, and scissors. Cut a 16″ length of wire and loop back one end about 1″. Using the needle-nose pliers, wrap the end around until you’re left with a tiny... More

DIY Christmas Crochet Hanging Decorations

Here’s a perfect idea of Christmas décor if you like crocheting and want to decorate your mantel, wall or window. The supplies are fabric squares, aprox. 13 cm x 13 cm (5 x 5 inches), small hoops, ribbon, crochet motifs, thread and scissors. Place the fabric in the hoop and pull taught. Then sew the crochet motifs to the... More