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13 DIY Makeup Organizers And Holders For Every Girl

Every girl has lots of makeup, nail polishes, mascaras, cream, toners and many other stuff that we need to look amazing. How is it better to store it all? A nice vanity would be right to the point but if you don’t have space for it or just consider it too old-fashioned, then you’ll need a good brush holder, a rack or other... More

Cute DIY Makeup Bag With Pearls

Girls always have tons of make up, we need this lip gloss, that lipstick and that concealer. Let’s make a small bag for your make up where you can store it comfortably. The supplies are a small bag, some matching fabric for your bag, flower trim, fabric glue, fabric scissors, monofilament jewelry cord , rhinestone trim,... More

DIY Wooden Makeup Brush Stand

Girls, if you have plenty of makeup like me, many brushes and all that stuff – have a look at this craft. DIY makeup holder is easy in crafting, it won’t take much time, money or any special skills. The supplies are a piece of wood, decorative brackets, wood finish and a drill. Simply make holes in the wood for your... More

DIY Magnetic Makeup Wall Storage

This simple makeup storage solution is very functional and easy to make. The magnetic board is made of an old wooden picture frame, one sheet of metal cut to the frame insert size and a yard of fabric. Brushes and eyeliners can be stored in old pill bottles glued to the board. Everything else need to have magnets to fix it on... More

Cute DIY Makeup Brush Storage

If you’re a girl or a woman who is searching for a way to organizer yours makeup brushes then here is a solution for you. Make simple yet cute vases that will hold several brushes. For that you’ll need glass jars, letter cut outs, a hot glue gun and colerfill (tiny clear beads). The process of making a makeup brush... More

DIY Foldaway Makeup Vanity From An IKEA Laptop Desk

Thoughtful makeup storage and jewelry organization are things that every woman need. A foldaway makeup vanity is a perfect thing to solve the first problem. It doesn’t occupy any space but feature several compartments for makeup storage and a battery-powered lighted mirror. When the unit is closed it is just eight inches... More

DIY Makeup Holder Of A Spice Rack

The easiest way to make a good makeup holder is to use some other furniture object to store all these things. Spice racks are perfect for that task. You can easily spray paint such rack to make it more cool. On the picture you can see a spice rack painted in green and used to store and display... More

DIY Makeup Vanity From IKEA Parts

If you search for a perfect makeup storage solution then a makeup vanity is what you need. Such solution also allows to sit, relax and do makeup. The cool thing is that you can make a cool vanity mostly of parts came from IKEA so it won’t be pricey. It will be compact, with the glass top that allows to see everything and... More

Simple DIY Makeup Brush Storage

If you have a vase that you don’t use and need a storage for makeup brushes then you can turn it into it. Of course you can also get some cheap vase from IKEA if all your vases are ment for flowers. The makeup brush organizer you’ll get is a perfect display for them and for tools. The idea is to fill 75% of the vase... More

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