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7 Fun DIY Easter Jewelry Pieces

You can not only decorate your home for the coming Easter but also yourself! For this you can make some simple but cool and colorful jewelry. So, what is connected with Easter? Bunnies, bird nests, egg, lambs and so on, and you can get inspired by these symbols for creating an accessory. The easiest idea is a brooch – a bunny... More

Yummy-Looking DIY Donut Necklace

Do you like donuts like I do? If you do, you’ll love this cool donut-inspired necklace! The supplies are a pool noodle, ribbon, a serrated knife, an assortment of scrapbooking embellishments and tacky glue. Cut the pool noodle, with a serrated knife, into 1 inch rings. Place a small amount of glue onto one side of the pool... More

Bright DIY Wrapped Leather Cuff

This DIY wrapped leather cuff is very easy to make and the cost is minimal. If you choose bright shades of leather, it’ll look amazing with your colorful spring dresses. The supplies are a blank cuff bracelet, scraps of leather and extra strength craft glue. Cut 2 strips of leather that measure 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2... More

DIY Gold Dipped Concrete Earrings

Concrete is a very trendy material, and every designer uses it for décor. But what do you think about wearing some? To make these earrings you’ll need a gemstone mold, concrete, gold paint (or any other color you prefer), tape, a brush and stud earrings. Mix your concrete to a much thicker consistency than described on the... More

Super Easy DIY Braided Necklace

Braided things are definitely popular, and leather accessories look great with casual style. That’s why we’ll make a braided leather necklace today, you’ll need suede or leather cording, scissors, tape, and a ruler, paint or nail polish. Start by cutting four strands of cord, tape them off, and paint them with nail... More

DIY Leather Wrap Stamped Metal Bracelet

Any message can be put on pendants which is one of the reasons if you can do metal stamping.  Names, inspirational sayings, special dates, etc. all can be used. You can make a cool leather and metal stamp bracelet – it’s an ideal combination, rather stylish and suitable even for boys. When stamping, mix fonts sizes and... More

DIY Wire Heart Ring

Wire rings are awesome, comfortable to wear and easy to make. To make a wire heart ring you’ll need 20 gauge wire, pliers, wire clippers, a lip stick or lip gloss around the same size as your fingers. Cut 2 pieces of wire: one piece about 1 inch, and another piece about 1.5 -2 inches. I’ll be using the shorter piece to make... More

Comfy And Warm DIY Winter Sock Bracelet

We’ve already told you of cool winter jewelry and here’s one more idea to the list – a sock bracelet. The supplies are an abandoned sock, needle and thread, scissors and small beads. If your sock has a band at the top that might make the bracelet too small for your wrist, cut it off. Cut the sock off at the heel, creating... More

12 Cool And Cheerful Christmas Jewelry Tutorials

Christmas is a fantastic holiday, and we enjoy even the expectation of it. Let’s make some pretty Christmas-themed jewelry – for you or to give it as awesome gifts. You can take some pretty little jingle bells and make a necklace of them or a bracelet. A bow tie necklace not only brings the Christmas spirit but also looks... More

DIY Felt Ball Necklace For Fall And Winter Outfits

The colder the weather is, the more we want to put on something warm. And this felt ball necklace looks so warm and comfy! The supplies are roving wool, DMC embroidery floss, felt ball making supplies, scissors, a needle. First, make your felt balls. Cut 60 inches of floss. Tie a knot 16 inches from the end of your string.... More